In February 2010 Manchester Museum and Manchester School of Architecture collaborated for a design studio live project, titled ‘The Courtyard Project’. The Manchester Museum Courtyard Project is a temporary architectural intervention, to be realised between 28.06.10 – 04.10.10. Forming a focal point to the Manchester Museum’s entrance, the competition invited the students to design an environment within the Courtyard space to align with the Museum’s summer programme and exhibitions.

From 30 submissions these where shortlisted to a list of 5 students/projects:

Matthew Mills

Edward Martin

Megan Crouse

Joe Haire

Edward Acres

From individual submission they then formed in groups of 5/6 students. The projects were then developed and presented in front of Manchester Museum Staff, Manchester School of Architecture tutors and Neil Thomas of AtelierOne.

The winning project selected was Reflective Room.

This blog has been set-up to document the process of taking the winning scheme and making it real and built on site. The blog will also document all the individual submissions and the group submissions.