The courtyard in front of the Museums main entrance is empty and unanimated for the majority of the year, and given that it is a large and prime space in front of a Museum which has nearly 300,000 visitors a year, represents an unexploited opportunity to engage the public and to signal the presence of the Museum. This brief sets out the parameters for the development of a temporary structure in the Museums courtyard for the summer of 2010.


To develop a temporary structure which will:

– Engage people with the Museums theme of Working Towards a Sustainable World and/or with the themes of the Darwin Festival (evolution, science, etc)

– Generate national and international interest through its innovative approach

– Allow the Museum to undertake some outdoor programming over the summer

30 students from the Manchester School of Architecture submitted their proposals to be shortlisted by the Museum staff. This blog will document the 30 proposals along with the 5 shortlisted.