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The Reflective Room Team meets on-site for the first time! The 22 students are standing in formation to test the load strength of the site as required by the engineer. For more photos see the album on Flickr.


Group meeting today. Discussions into site logistics and media and marketing.

Meeting with Atelier One Engineer who examined 1:1 Prototype with regards to the structural solution. Key decisions regarding fixings and peg size were resolved, as well as discussing possible finishes for the plywood structure.

Check out the album on flickr for more photos.

Entire Reflective Room Group Meeting with the 30 participating students and 4 design tutors . Issues discussed included fire regulations, security and surveillance, building control and the planning application.

Stay tuned for more 1:1 Prototype model photos!

Design Team Meeting to discuss the 1:1 and 1:10 Prototype currently under construction.