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Installing the camera to overlook the site. The camera will take stop-motion images which can be made into a film of the construction process.

Checking the progress of Reflective Room against the scale model

Double checking the production process is to schedule.


Today we tested glueing and clamping 4 fins piled on top of each other to reduce the process time and found out it works ok, so from now on this is how the glueing will take place.

Using machine sanders to smooth the surface of the fins

Marking the individual fins for easy identification

Hand finishing the fins

Using the heat gun to speed up the glue setting process

Setting up the clamps for the next fin

Unscrewing the clamps from the fin

Using an electrical sander to smooth the surface of the fin

Hand finishing the fins

Evolution of the jigs during the production process to maximise efficiency and quality

Reflective Room fins numbered and lined up ready for assembly