Humans have had a fascination with light since the beginning of our consciousness; from our captivation with fire and the sun to the modern light shows of Hong Kong and a new year firework displays. Scientists have found that light can be used to combat conditions such as drowsiness, depression and is linked to productivity in the work place. My concept has therefore been inspired by the human response to light, with the aim of developing an environment that can touch the senses and provide a more enriching experience by emulating the atmosphere of a church. The intensity of lighting will create an environment that is ideal for quiet contemplation and philosophical thought.

The courtyard works as a decompression zone between the busy life outside and the museum inside, providing a space to relax from the life outside before entering the museum, or to reflect on your experience inside the museum before entering the real world again. Seats and benches would be provided for people to gather where they could then stare at the lights. The experience would de-stress the individual by having a positive effect on the brain, leaving them more alert, less drowsy and boosting brain functions.