The courtyard at the entrance to The Manchester Museum is an unused space which could be an asset to the museum. Many people walk past the courtyard on a daily basis and take no notice of it. People visiting the museum pass through the space with no interaction. The courtyard needs to be a space that people want to be in, currently the courtyard space lacks any function.

Temporary bright coloured graphics will be placed on the ground outside of the museum along Oxford Road leading into the courtyard. The graphics will be colour coded of which some will contain silhouettes of the animals and artefacts from the exhibits within the museum. The routes of the graphics will connect the inside and outside spaces, leading you for example from Oxford Road to the dinosaur exhibit.

As well as the graphics bring your attention to the museum, they will also give the courtyard a playful atmosphere and attract you into it. Within the courtyard, on the routes of the graphics, some of the squares will be extruded into cubes to form brightly coloured seating areas. The seating will be arranged in groups, forming a social area in the courtyard, giving you the opportunity to experience the space.