Constructive_Evolution is a landscape of contructs displaying the evolutionary relationship of biological species.  Inherent genetic codes ‘genotypes’ determine the physical deformation of a primitive cube object which produces a physical form ‘phenotype’.  05 genes are inherent in all of the cubes, within each generation variation in the quantative attributes of the gene produce a mixture of deformation.  With a resultant reproduction of another generation from two cubes per previous generation, the genetic inheritance transcends through the generations producing and refining the limitations for the physical form.

Along with the genetic information providing a physical deformation is a parameters set for each phenotypic trait.  In the reproduction of a new generation the ‘parent’ gene parameters determines those of the reproduced generation.

Constructive_evolution produces a physical display of the transmission of genetic information through generations of all biological species.  The basic principles of the physical forms produced as a result of inherent genes is displayed by Constructive_Evolution in a legible format which could aid the teaching of the biological process.  The physical constructs created provide an intervention within the space and offer opportunities for a multitude of activities for the public space