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Corinne Leader at the Manchester Museum speaks about the Reflective Room


29/06/2010 > The Private Opening for friends and family

The Team!!

Photographs of the Reflective Room at the Private Opening

With the big ‘L’ structure built and the second skin finished, the black tiles, sponsored by Pilkington’s Tiles are now being placed.

The placing of the first tile >>>

Cleaning the tiles

One by one the tiles are placed

The reflections of the courtyard are captured within the black ceramic tiles

Todays progress:

First layer of skin complete and weatherproofed on both the long ‘L’ and small ‘L’ constructions

The bench is being fixed

The second layer of skin is starting to go up!

The skin sheets have been CNC’d, sanded down and glued together.

The final process before taken on-site involves weather-proofing the skin by coating it in oil.

The boys in their protective gear >>>



Fixing the first layer of skin to the structure >>>

Gluing and clamping the layers of skin >>>

Date: 16/06/2010

Photo’s of today’s progress:

Fixing in the top tabs.

The builders in their gear.

View from the Museum bridge.

Lifting the corner fins and tabs construction to fix into place.

Lifting the smal ‘L’ short side construction to fix into place.  

Both corners and short sides done.

The end of the day. Big ‘L’ fin and tab construction complete!

The structure is progressing on-site! The long ‘L’ is being built and the fins are now being assembled.

The Work continues in the workshop to get the parts ready for the construction on-site.